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Recognizing the Root Cause of What Ails Us

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A Real and Present Danger in the Fight Against Stigma

By many measures we have achieved considerable progress in combatting stigma and its insidious effects. Persons who experience behavioral health challenges are now more inclined to pursue treatment without incurring the reputational risks they might have borne in prior years. We regularly encourage those in need of treatment to seek it, and we laud public figures who disclose their struggles with mental health or substance use issues. Public service announcements concerning the

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Search for Change Annual Report 2021


The Search for Change community has come to epitomize these qualities as it navigates an enduring pandemic. The Coronavirus has presented challenges unlike any we have experienced and repeatedly tested our resolve, but it has not defined us.

We remain defined by our abiding commitment to service. Our mission – to support others in their recovery and its hallmarks of health and happiness – transcends the exigencies of the moment.

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A Case for the Discerning Application of Treatment Models: Proceed with Caution

In recent decades we have witnessed a proliferation of models for the treatment of behavioral health conditions, many of which enjoy robust evidence bases that support their application in accordance with overarching principles and intended outcomes. In many respects, we inhabit a “Golden Age” of behavioral healthcare that promises new pathways to recovery for individuals experiencing emotional distress and a broad array of psychosocial challenges. This differentiates the present from preceding eras characterized by a

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Volunteer Engagement: Considerations for Organizational Success

Health and social service agencies, and the nonprofit sector generally, rely on volunteers to advance their missions and to ensure their continuing viability. As nonprofit organizations (NPOs) must compete for resources necessary to sustain their operations, the availability of an engaged workforce (comprised, at least in part, of members who are willing to consign their labor without any expectation of financial remuneration in return) is often essential to their survival. An extensive body of research

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Help Wanted! Now More Than Ever

A 2016 report of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) offered a bleak depiction of the current and future state of the nation’s behavioral health services workforce. Nearly half the American population resides in a designated Mental Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA), and its plight is expected to worsen in coming decades. A majority of individuals with behavioral health conditions are currently unable to access appropriate care, and