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An Antidote to Stigma

Stigma against persons with mental illness has waned in recent years, as affirmed by a Harris Poll administered on behalf of the American Psychological Association. This poll found a significant majority of Americans (87%) believed there is no shame in having a mental health diagnosis, and a comparable proportion of respondents (86%) said they believed individuals with mental illness may recover (American Psychological Association, 2019). As promising as these findings are, however, they belie a

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The Behavioral Healthcare System’s Response to Families: A Legacy of Unfulfilled Promises

Family members of those with serious behavioral health conditions often encounter innumerable obstacles in the pursuit of effective treatment and other essential services for their loved ones.  Navigating a byzantine network of resources, many of which entail restrictive eligibility criteria and extensive waitlists, is exceptionally challenging for even the most resilient and steadfast among us.  Individuals commonly assume this responsibility while coping with the emotional distress that follows the revelation a son, daughter, sibling, parent,

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On a Life Well-Lived…

The Search for Change community is deeply saddened by the passing of Patricia Reilly, a former member of our Board of Directors and enduring champion of many noble causes.

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Recognizing the Root Cause of What Ails Us

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A Real and Present Danger in the Fight Against Stigma

By many measures we have achieved considerable progress in combatting stigma and its insidious effects. Persons who experience behavioral health challenges are now more inclined to pursue treatment without incurring the reputational risks they might have borne in prior years. We regularly encourage those in need of treatment to seek it, and we laud public figures who disclose their struggles with mental health or substance use issues. Public service announcements concerning the