Respite Services

Planned Respite is a voluntary, short-term intervention that helps individuals avoid unnecessary hospitalization while regaining stability in their community. This service is a comprehensive resource for those experiencing an increase in symptoms that cannot be managed at home without additional support.

Planned Respite is provided by trained staff at either home-like settings within the community or at the person’s own place of residence. It can also be used to provide family members, significant others and legal guardians relief from care responsibilities.

Please contact Desh Connors from Westchester’s Department of Community Mental Health at 914-995-6753 to arrange a stay, or you may fax your completed application to 914-813-4364 for approval. Once eligibility has been confirmed and approved by DCMH, Maria Diaz, MHA’s Program Director, will contact you to discuss your respite care needs and coordinate accommodations. 

Download the application: Planned Respite Referral Application

For more information, please contact Maria Diaz at 914-564-3749 or

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