Search for Change Annual Report 2021


The Search for Change community has come to epitomize these qualities as it navigates an enduring pandemic. The Coronavirus has presented challenges unlike any we have experienced and repeatedly tested our resolve, but it has not defined us.

We remain defined by our abiding commitment to service. Our mission – to support others in their recovery and its hallmarks of health and happiness – transcends the exigencies of the moment.

Nearly two years have passed since our lives were suddenly transformed by an unseen and unknown foe – one whose jagged edges continue to gouge us and to ceaselessly remind us of life’s inherent fragility.

This reminder is perhaps its greatest gift. That which is valued but fragile is, ultimately, deeply cherished.

Perhaps the Coronavirus will teach us to cherish and to appreciate each other more deeply.

Perhaps we will finally come to know true kindness and generosity of spirit and to recognize that which
is most important.

Perhaps we will be truly grateful for the light that shines amid the darkness.

This is my deepest and most fervent hope for the coming year and those to come.

Ashley Brody, MPA, CPRP
Chief Executive Officer